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Staffing and direct-hire agency Crawford Thomas Recruiting was chosen as one of Orlando Business Journal‘s 2022 Best Places to Work winners in the small category, which includes companies with 25-49 employees. Read more about the honorees in OBJ‘s Aug. 26-Sept. 1, 2022, weekly edition.

The firm’s coolest employee perks include:

  • An assortment of beers available in a Kegerator
  • Every room and appliance is named after a character or quote from Will Ferrell’s movies, including The Glass Case of Emotion, Shake and Bake, Catalina Wine Mixer, and The Beat Lab.
  • Ten wall-mounted HDTVs featuring Chromecast and AppleTV with ESPN, HGTV as well as local and international news stations always streaming.
  • Fully stocked snack bar with more than 20 options including chips, healthy-bars, sweet/treats, fruits, unlimited LaCroix, diet sodas, Zephyrhills water and more.
  • An onsite gym equipped with cardio machines, weights, TV with surround sound, restrooms and showers.
  • Outdoor workspace on the second floor, which has a full patio where each employee’s headsets will work.

Here’s more from Marketing Manager Michael Taback:

What one benefit/amenity/perk do your employees most value? Flexibility. Of all the tangible items we offer, the ability for our recruiters and account managers to create their own work schedule has been the best. While we have set hours, we do not require employees to be in the office every day.

What’s your most unique strategy for attracting new employees and keeping the ones you already have happy? The culture of a company is its personality, and it extends beyond the standard salary, benefits and growth opportunities. Improving culture is one of the best ways to attract and retain amazing employees. We prioritize our culture as a thank-you to our employees for their hard-work and dedication. By prioritizing culture, we’re able to think past the policies and procedures, and focus on what would make our employees happy. Prioritizing culture means prioritizing your team members, talking with them on an individual level. We trust our employees to be flexible with their schedules, change their working days, use the office for collaboration or work from the comfort of their home office. Trusting our employees to manage themselves has attracted a culture like no other.

Is it harder to recruit here in Central Florida? No. Orlando has found such a great balance of entertainment and professional life. We have so many places and things to do outside your workweek — who wouldn’t love to be in a top 5 city?

What advice would you offer companies seeking to create a better workplace? Talk with your employees. Talk with your interviewees, ask them why they’re interviewing (or leaving their current role)?

What is your employees’ favorite Central Florida venue for a company picnic or outing? Grills Lakeside in Orlando. It’s right on the water, easy to get to, great food and drinks. Grills also has Port Canaveral and Banana River locations.

Describe your company culture in a hashtag: #Motivating

Crawford Thomas Recruiting2022 Best Places to Work: Crawford Thomas Recruiting