Forbes Human Resources Council: 20 Ideas For Creating A Successful Returnship Program At Your Company

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Forbes Human Resources Council recently featured an insightful article on the creation of successful returnship programs, designed to reintegrate former employees into the workforce after a hiatus. Titled “20 Ideas For Creating A Successful Returnship Program At Your Company,” the article shares valuable insights from HR leaders on building effective programs that leverage the skills and experiences of returning professionals.

Within the article, William Stonehouse III, President of Crawford Thomas Recruiting, stands out as an industry expert in the field. Stonehouse emphasizes the importance of personalized support and mentoring in returnship programs. His insight underscores the significance of structured assistance to address the unique needs of individuals re-entering the workforce, including personalized training, dedicated mentorship, and a phased approach to reintroduction.

The article offers a wealth of ideas for companies looking to implement successful returnship programs. These include creating opportunities for returnees to share their skills through mentoring programs, staying connected with former employees through regular positive updates, and considering individual circumstances and needs for a more tailored approach. Throughout the content, there’s a consistent emphasis on flexibility, training, and measurable outcomes, reinforcing the value of these elements in ensuring the success and sustainability of returnship programs.

To explore the full range of ideas and insights shared by Forbes Human Resources Council members, readers are encouraged to delve into the complete article [insert link here]. The expertise of industry leaders like William Stonehouse III serves as a valuable resource for companies seeking to implement effective returnship programs that foster inclusivity and capitalize on the diverse skills of returning professionals. Additionally, incorporating Stonehouse’s perspective, the article presents actionable strategies for organizations aiming to create a welcoming environment for returning employees, thus enriching their workforce with varied experiences and expertise.

Full article here.

Crawford Thomas RecruitingForbes Human Resources Council: 20 Ideas For Creating A Successful Returnship Program At Your Company