Resume Mistakes you Must Avoid

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Six resume mistakes you need to avoid making.

  1. You don’t proofread. The overwhelming majority (77 percent) of hiring managers say they instantly disqualify resumes with typos or bad grammar. Give your resume a once-over or ask a peer to review it before sending it in.
  2. Your email address is An unprofessional email address is a turnoff for 35 percent of employers. For the sake of your job search, it’s probably time to retire that email address you’ve had since 7th grade.
  3. Your resume lacks results. Thirty-four percent of hiring managers want to see quantifiable results on a resume. For example, did your efforts help increase sales revenue? Win over new clients? Increase page views or open rates? Consider your various professional achievements and think of ways you can attach numbers to them.
  4. Your resume is an eyesore. 25 percent of hiring managers won’t even bother with your resume if it’s just long paragraphs of text. Make your resume easier to read by breaking it into sections with bold headlines (education, work history, etc.) and use bullets to break up the text.
  5. You don’t customize your resume. A generic resume is an immediate contender for the no pile for 18 percent of hiring managers. If you want to be seen, customize your resume to the specific job for which you’re applying.
  6. You include TMI. A resume that’s more than two pages is far too long in the eyes of 17 percent of hiring managers. Try to keep your resume to one page by including only the information that pertains to the job at hand

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingResume Mistakes you Must Avoid