5 Remote Work Tips for Employers

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Remote work isn’t as simple as sending everyone home and subscribing to Zoom. When it comes to where the workplace is heading, here are five remote work tips from hiring experts for you to consider as you shape your future workforce strategies.

Our friends at Monster say that “43% of employers reported that hybrid work is the way of the future.”

1. Review Your Location Needs

Who hasn’t heard about a friend or coworker relocating because their job has gone remote and they no longer have to live within driving distance? For companies considering remote arrangements, that means they can look for talent beyond the candidates who live nearby.

2. Rethink The Ways in Which Employees Connect

While many jobs can be performed efficiently and effectively off-site, work is about more than just job tasks. According to Monster’s data, 35% of remote workers miss work-related small talk with their coworkers. And 23% miss face-time with leadership as a result of working remotely.

Companies must put some thought into new ways to build culture and camaraderie when employees are no longer passing each other’s cubicles during the day or interacting in the work kitchen.

3. Keep an Eye on Work/Life Balance Needs

Because remote work allows employees to work from any place at any time, it’s possible to log more hours than ever.

In general, employers are more open to negotiating schedules, Monster finds: 53% will allow workdays from home, 41% would let people choose and change work hours, and 35% may let employees choose their schedule, so long as it’s consistent.

4. Understand What Workers Want

Although many employers are game to go hybrid, candidates aren’t 100% enthusiastic. Only 24% of job candidates say they want remote flexibility, according to Monster’s numbers. In fact, more than half (57%) of candidates say they’d prefer either full remote or full on-site work. The focus of this remote work tip — understand workers’ needs and make sure the changes you make don’t do more harm than good.

5. Be Transparent

When it comes to attracting and keeping talent, it’s going to be crucial that employers clearly communicate their expectations for workers. Will employees have to report to an office a few days a week? A few days a month? Never? What hours will they be working remotely?

All that said, some amount of uncertainty may be understandable as the U.S. continues to struggle with pandemic swings.

Use these suggestions from Monster as we continue to move through the year of hybrid + remote work.

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