Stop Losing Candidates to Your Competition

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Are you losing top-level candidates to your competition?

It may be your hiring process.

Below are just a couple common frustrations that candidates claim to be a deal breaker in the interview process.

1. Lots of Obstacles:

Candidates expect to invest a good amount of time for an interview process. Phone screens, in-person interviews, assessments, and job-shadowing are typically a part of the routine.

It becomes difficult for these candidates when they must take PTO multiple times, find daycare for the kids, and other arrangements for their busy schedules. Try consolidating your Interviews, especially the in-person interviews, to one day’s worth.

This will be a big help and expedite the process tremendously.

2. The Cold Shoulder:

To put it simple, candidates whom interview and don’t hear back within two or three days are typically no longer interested in your company. This is an easy fix. Your HR Reps should always respond to these candidates within 24 hours of an interview. Even if there hasn’t been a decision. Granted the candidate should also follow up on a very regular basis as well.

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Crawford Thomas RecruitingStop Losing Candidates to Your Competition