5 Steps to Improve your Hiring Process

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Improving your hiring process can lead to the perfect candidate! As January comes to a close, most companies are finalizing numbers from last year, some will conclude they’re below headcount for 2018. Not a problem, let’s take a look at …

Crawford Thomas Recruiting5 Steps to Improve your Hiring Process

Five Hiring Trends for 2018

Crawford Thomas Recruiting Blog

2018 Looks to be Great for Company Growth. According to Career Builder, below are Five Employer Trends to Watch in the New Year. Capturing New Talent Early – Employers will start courting college students early – 64 percent plan to hire …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingFive Hiring Trends for 2018

What is the Best Time to Schedule an Interview?

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Scheduling an interview might seem like an easy and thoughtless step of the process, but think again! Job interviews are tough, don’t make them harder than they need to be. If you don’t choose the best time and day, it …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingWhat is the Best Time to Schedule an Interview?

What can Employers expect from Generation Z?

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Generation Z is here and ready to work, but should you hire them? The short answer is YES! But why? Let’s go over some of the basics between Generation Z and Millennials. How do they compare to their slightly older …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingWhat can Employers expect from Generation Z?

New Year’s Resolutions for Hiring Managers

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It’s the perfect time to develop a New Year’s Resolution! Take a look in your rear-view mirror, you’ll see the holidays waving as you head towards 2018. I’m not here to tell you about exercising or dieting for the New …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingNew Year’s Resolutions for Hiring Managers

Prepare to Hire for the New Year

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He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice Making a list of objectives is the best way to track a successful recruiting process. Believe it or not, December is one of the best months to recruit top level candidates. Imagine, …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingPrepare to Hire for the New Year

New Employee First Day Checklist

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5 Things to help prepare your newest employee on their first day Do you remember your first day at work? Feeling nervous, anxious, excited, or scared! As an employer, it’s your job to ensure a smooth transition for your latest …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingNew Employee First Day Checklist

Landing the Perfect Candidate

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Five Questions to Land the Perfect Candidate. Let’s look at five questions we ask our clients in order to source for the perfect candidate. Working with a Recruiting Firm such as Crawford Thomas Recruiting has become essential to finding the …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingLanding the Perfect Candidate

How Employers are Using Social Media

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Employers and Recruiters are using Social Media to Screen Candidates. Both Clients and Candidates will benefit from this information. Whether you’re looking for a candidate to hire, or making a career move, keep this in mind. Career Builder conducted a study …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingHow Employers are Using Social Media