5 Steps to Improve your Hiring Process

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Improving your hiring process can lead to the perfect candidate! As January comes to a close, most companies are finalizing numbers from last year, some will conclude they’re below headcount for 2018. Not a problem, let’s take a look at …

Crawford Thomas Recruiting5 Steps to Improve your Hiring Process

Spirit Week Recap

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Crawford Thomas Recruiting held our Annual Spirit Week and it was a BLAST! Monday – Lumberjack and Jill Tuesday – Holiday Sweaters Wednesday – Sports Apparel  Thursday – Holiday Pajamas Friday – Recruiting Day   For more pics and content …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingSpirit Week Recap

Prepare to Hire for the New Year

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He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice Making a list of objectives is the best way to track a successful recruiting process. Believe it or not, December is one of the best months to recruit top level candidates. Imagine, …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingPrepare to Hire for the New Year

5 Most Common Types of Candidates

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You will encounter these 5 types of candidates in your next interview process. It is your responsibility, as an employer, to conduct a professional and informative interview. You’re going to encounter hundreds of different types of personalities along the way …

Crawford Thomas Recruiting5 Most Common Types of Candidates

Landing the Perfect Candidate

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Five Questions to Land the Perfect Candidate. Let’s look at five questions we ask our clients in order to source for the perfect candidate. Working with a Recruiting Firm such as Crawford Thomas Recruiting has become essential to finding the …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingLanding the Perfect Candidate

One thing all hiring managers agree on

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Thank You notes – Why they’re so important after an interview. This may surprise some of you, but not everyone knows that it’s truly a “must-do” after your interview. Thank You notes can paint a big picture about your professionalism. …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingOne thing all hiring managers agree on