Prepare to Hire for the New Year

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He’s making a list, he’s checking it twice Making a list of objectives is the best way to track a successful recruiting process. Believe it or not, December is one of the best months to recruit top level candidates. Imagine, …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingPrepare to Hire for the New Year

New Employee First Day Checklist

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5 Things to help prepare your newest employee on their first day Do you remember your first day at work? Feeling nervous, anxious, excited, or scared! As an employer, it’s your job to ensure a smooth transition for your latest …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingNew Employee First Day Checklist

Understanding Millennial Employees

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Best Practices for your working Millennials Before we pick apart my generation of millennials, let’s set the facts straight. Individual human beings, rather than generations, are what make up a workforce. Having said that, there are clear cut characteristics that …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingUnderstanding Millennial Employees

10 weird excuses workers use when late to work

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          As recruiters we think we hear every excuse under the sun. apparently we were wrong. Follow the link below to see for yourself:

Crawford Thomas Recruiting10 weird excuses workers use when late to work

What to expect from the job market in 2012

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2012 Job Market

                  I just came across this editorial from the CEO of Career builder. I will admit that I don’t believe anyone knows exactly what 2012 will hold for the US, World, geopolitical landscape or …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingWhat to expect from the job market in 2012