Resume Mistakes you Must Avoid

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Six resume mistakes you need to avoid making. You don’t proofread. The overwhelming majority (77 percent) of hiring managers say they instantly disqualify resumes with typos or bad grammar. Give your resume a once-over or ask a peer to review it …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingResume Mistakes you Must Avoid

Recruiting Firm Myths Debunked!

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Whether you’re a candidate seeking a new opportunity or an employer looking to gain additional employees, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a solid recruiting firm. According to the Undercover Recruiter “A recruiting agency is often employed by the largest corporations because …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingRecruiting Firm Myths Debunked!

6 Signs You’ve Found a Great Recruiter

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In the recruiting industry there are good recruiters, and there are bad ones. Just like any job, some take it more seriously than others. With recruiting it’s a bit different. We fall somewhere between sales reps and human resource specialists. …

Crawford Thomas Recruiting6 Signs You’ve Found a Great Recruiter

Dumb Things Sales People Say

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During my time in the recruiting and marketing industry, I will receive tons of sales calls and emails. After beginning to write my own blog about some of the worst sales pitches and one-liners, I found that someone has beaten …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingDumb Things Sales People Say

Does a College GPA matter in Sales Hiring?

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The New Resume: No Cover Letter

Your college GPA is often a key factor when applying for high-end positions in the Medical, Pharmaceutical, or Engineering industries. Your GPA should NOT play a deciding factor in the area of sales. Here’s why: School is school, it is …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingDoes a College GPA matter in Sales Hiring?

5 Things to do When Looking for a New Sales Role

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retail recruiting

The time has come, or is coming for you to make a change in employers. No matter the reason, we want you to be prepared. Sales professionals need to have these 5 things taken care of when looking for a …

Crawford Thomas Recruiting5 Things to do When Looking for a New Sales Role

Haven’t Interviewed in a Few Years?

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If you have been working for the same company for the past three or more years, it’s only natural to have some ‘interview rust’. While you may be interviewing for a new position within your current company or looking for …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingHaven’t Interviewed in a Few Years?

Forbes’ Tricks to Ace your Next Interview

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Tampa recruiters

Ace Your Next Interview With These 4 Subtle Tricks Original Article here According to Forbes, these 4 tricks will help you to nail your next interview. 1. Practice hands-free confidence Curb nervous fidgeting such as tapping your fingers, shaking your leg or …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingForbes’ Tricks to Ace your Next Interview

Sealing the Deal: Offer Letter Stage

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Sealing the deal as a recruiter is no easy task. It’s a candidate’s world right now with the unemployment rates being so low. Our friends over at have written an article to break down the offer-letter stage and how …

Crawford Thomas RecruitingSealing the Deal: Offer Letter Stage

3 Ways to get Noticed by a Sales Recruiter

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How do you rise above all other sales candidates to get noticed by a sales recruiter? It’s important to understand what sales recruiters are actually looking for when sourcing candidates. I have been a recruiter for over 4 years and …

Crawford Thomas Recruiting3 Ways to get Noticed by a Sales Recruiter